We'll Cater Your Next Event

We'll Cater Your Next Event

Your party will stand out from the rest

If you're unsure about what to serve guests for your next special occasion, contact a professional caterer. DeSalvo Catering and Restaurant offers professional catering services for parties of all sizes, including house parties and weddings.

Our menu includes a variety of Italian dishes, appetizers and desserts. From platters and sides to full trays of food, we'll make sure no one at your next event goes home hungry. Call 315-533-6857 today to learn more about our catering menu.

3 reasons to hire a caterer for your next event

While you may enjoy cooking and entertaining guests, some events are too big to handle on your own. There are numerous benefits that come along with hiring a caterer, including:

  1. Saving time from having to cook or serve
  2. Ensuring there's enough food for everyone
  3. Enjoying a fantastic dining experience

Give yourself one less thing to worry about. We'll deliver everything you need and clean up when the event is over. Contact DeSalvo Catering and Restaurant to discuss the menu for your next event.